Joseph Tramontana

Education and Chief Financial Officer
for OnPoint Education

Street Smart Finance For School Board Members

Joseph J Tramontanahas over two decades of executive level experience in the public sector, including central office positions in one of New Jersey’s largest school districts. He currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer at On-Point Education where he performs detailed financial analysis. He currently resides in Hamilton, NJ with his lovely wife Cathy and Maltese Tiffany.

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“As our district’s Business Administrator, Mr. Tramontana received consecutive perfect Financial Audits and a Bond Rating of AA+ while reducing our district’s operating expenses over $1 Million dollars. This was accomplished without affecting any educational programs.”

Neil Bencivengo

16 Year Superintendent and Superintendent of the Year

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mr. Tramontana over twenty years. Mr. Tramontana presented budgets that represented the educational needs of the district while cutting waste. I have consulted with Mr. Tramontana over the years regarding budgets and finance and he has always giving me accurate and sound advice.”

Anthony Celentano

Twenty Year School Board Member Three Time Board President

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The Promise of Technology by Joseph J Tramontana Public Education is due for an overhaul just like other industries. America spends more on education than almost any other nation in the world. This is true either measured by gross national product or per pupil...

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A Case for Priority Driven Budgeting

Joseph Tramontana discusses the Priority Driven Budget Process This post discusses the value of a priority driven budget process. Most local governments use a budget known as incremental budgeting. This is where current year’s spending dictates the following years...

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About Joseph Tramontana

Joseph J Tramontana is from Hamilton Township New Jersey. Mr. Tramontana is a proven leader in government and education. He is currently the Chief Financial Officer for On Point Education Network. On Point manages charter schools and private schools all over the United States. They also revitalize failing schools by successfully managing their finances. Mr. Tramontana has over two decades of executive level experience in government and public schools. Joseph Tramontana served as Business Administrator/Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources Director for the Hamilton Township School District. Hamilton is the seventh largest school district in the State Of New Jersey. There are approximately 14,000 students and 1,800 employees. The budget in Hamilton is over two hundred million dollars. The school district is over forty square miles while the Township has a population of over 90,000 people. The operation of the school district is vast and complex. Mr. Tramontana directly supervised twenty executive level workers in the business department, while the entire department had over 300 workers. The business office consisted of the Finance Department, Facilities Department, Technology and Operations. Despite the vast size of this department Joseph Tramontana was able to achieve a great deal of success. Read More

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