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Reading is Power

Reading is Power by Joseph J Tramontana Reading is Power according to some of the latest educational research. Last week we identified Academic Return on Investment. One of the greatest benefits of AROI is it identifies underfunded areas. If school districts applied this concept to elementary level reading, most would find it is underfunded. There […]

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What is Academic Return on Investment?

Chief Financial Officer Joseph J Tramontana In the corporate world return on investment (ROI) is defined as follows: “A performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments (Investopedia Online Resource)”. Fair enough, if you invested $100,000 and your investments increased by 20% […]

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The Benefit of Per Unit Costs

Joseph J Tramontana Chief Financial Officer A school district can benefit by researching per unit costs. Per unit costs is a relatively new concept and now that we understand the basic elements of the school budget, what does it tell us?  A common statistic widely quoted is how much we spend per student.  For example, […]

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