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The Case for Differential Pay

Joseph J Tramontana discusses differential pay There can be a clear case made for Differential pay. Differential pay is a relatively new concept in Public Education. Anyone involved with the process of recruiting hard to fill teaching positions such as Math or Science can relate to this blog post. Administrators, especially in urban districts, will […]

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How to find New Revenue

School districts are going to have to learn to find new revenue sources. I read with great interest an article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram; “Fort Worth School Leaders Eye Education Foundation.” Here is a quote from one of their administrators; “The basic purpose is fundraising,” Johnson said. “It is to support the district […]

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The Value of Hybrid Schools

Joseph J Tramontana discusses Hybrid Schools Hyrbid schools are a combination of traditional schools with an online learning component. Without a doubt, home schooling has been very successful for some parents. Many of their children do very well and attend top universities. The logical extension of home schooling is online charter schools. In this scenario, […]

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Professional Development Best Practices

Joseph J Tramontana discusses professional development Another area where expenses can be reduced is in professional development. It is important to adopt best practices in this area so we can increase teacher performance and possibly save unneeded expenses. During times of fiscal crisis we have the opportunity to be creative and innovative. Actually, we should […]

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How to Improve Teacher Quality

Joseph Tramontana discusses how to find the best Teachers Today we are looking at how to improve teacher quality. We continue to explore our discussion on the efficient use of teachers with the goal of maximizing their effectiveness. Let’s take a look at some facts as we know them. Like other professions everyone realizes some […]

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