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What is Student Centered Learning?

Joseph J Tramontana Student Centered Learning Student Centered Learning is a new trend that is used in many highly effective schools and is broken down into five categories: Personalized Instruction, Authentic Instruction, Mastery Based Assessment, Learning that Reaches Beyond Schools and Learning Models That Changes School Schedules. Let’s look at each one briefly. Personalized Instruction: […]

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Participation in Sports supports Academics

Joseph J Tramontana Sports and Academics Many parents, board members and researchers have always debated the relationship between sports and academics. One common belief is that sports are a nice addition if funding is available, but they can be dismissed in favor of academics. During an economic crisis, sports are always near the top of […]

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Education Costs on the Rise

Joseph J Tramontana There is no clear sign that the economic recovery is close to complete and education costs are on the rise. Examples of a weak economy include: depressed housing values, higher property taxes, and unemployment to name a few. In addition, Federal and State dollars, that fund education, will logically decline over the […]

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Teacher Salaries in Difficult Economic Times

Joseph J Tramontana discusses teacher salaries Teacher salaries have risen dramatically even in difficult economic times. It is no great shock to anyone that we have lived through one of the worst economic downturns in recent history. What happens though to teacher salaries during economic recessions? Unfortunately, due to labor contracts and aggressive unions they […]

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