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The Power of Penmanship

Joseph J Tramontana discusses penmanship The power of penmanship and intensive cursive writing has a profound effect on student’s brain development, according to a new book and the Indiana Legislature. Most school districts removed cursive writing and penmanship from their curriculum, but at what cost? I would imagine that with the application and availability of […]

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Are teachers with graduate degrees more effective?

Joseph J Tramontana discusses the value of graduate degrees Do graduate degrees make teachers more effective? This post will help answer that question. Unfortunately, the research indicates that it does not make them any more effective. Perhaps the reason is the field of study is not conducive to student achievement. The research does indicate that […]

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What does the future hold for College Degrees?

Joseph J Tramontana College Education As technology continues to grow what does the future hold for college degrees? The value of a college degree has long been held near and dear by old school employers and parents alike. Study hard and you will get into a top notch college and obtain a good job. This […]

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Three ways to cut facility costs

Cutting Facility Costs by Joseph J Tramontana This post discusses three ways to cut facility costs. School districts nationwide must address their facility management issues. Older facilities are expensive to maintain and in many cases they are providing a poor learning environment for students. However, we also know that new facilities are expensive and we […]

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