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The Four Daily Rituals of Great Artists

This month’s post deals with daily rituals. This topic has been discussed since the beginning of time and I am sure it varies greatly from even the most successful individuals. So let’s examine the schedules and insights of some of the most famous scientists, painters, writers, and composers of the 21st Century. A workplace with […]

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What is the Statement of Activities?

Last week we discussed the Statement of Net Position. The second financial statement that any hard working citizen would be interested in is called the Statement of Activities. This statement reveals what is costs to provide educational services and determines the tax burden placed on its citizens and businesses in order to finance education. This […]

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What is the Statement of Net Position?

Joseph J Tramontana One basic financial statement is called the statement of net position. The statement of net position tells you what the district owns (Assets) and what the district owes (Liabilities). The information reflects the end of the fiscal year usually June 30th. The Private Sector produces a similar statement usually called a balance […]

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The Art of Motivation

Joseph J Tramontana This post deals with the art of motivation and dealing with an aspect of resistance. We all resist to some degree things that we should be doing or we know that need to get done. Didn’t you promise to go to the gym more this year? Didn’t you promise to spend more […]

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