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The Value of Budget Forecasting

Budget forecasting involves quantitatively projecting changes in future operations while analyzing the impact of trends and economic data. Current and historical data are used to estimate changes that may dramatically affect a school district’s ability to meet its goals. This is an important part of the planning process.Financial forecasting is important for several reasons. Forecasting […]

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The postive affect of handshakes during Negotiations

When they require higher stakes, negotiations require a lot of detailed prep work by each party. Consider the recent negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program. Just before the controversial talks began; the U.S. President and Iranian President had one subject on the program. The one subject was organizing a handshake. Folks make presumptions about each other’s […]

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The Five Critical Leadership Skills essential for success

There are five critical leadership skills that can help you achieve success. How many times do we review these skills and integrate them into our daily life? We can all use some practice and this list is a great start. Delegate The first step is to identify the strengths of your team and know how […]

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