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How to Have Difficult Employee Discussions

One of the hardest things for managers to do is have difficult employee discussions. The discussion could be about a business contact, that lost a million dollar contract, or an employee that is not performing well. It is human nature to avoid employees after the difficult conversation. Not good advice. The best approach is to […]

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Interview Process

Let us take a break from Finance this week and discuss the job interview process. Hiring the best talent is paramount to your organization’s success. Since I have nearly two decades of experience in HR let’s discuss the interview process when hiring candidates. It is no big secret that in virtually any field, especially education, […]

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Professional Service Contracts Part Four

The prior blog post discussed the importance of documentation when pricing is not the only criteria used to evaluate professional service contracts.This week we will discuss the need for a diverse evaluation committee when reviewing professional service contracts. Legally a professional service contract can be evaluated by one individual, but best practices dictate why it […]

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