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TaxPayers Guide to Educational Spending

The New Jersey Department of Education updated their 2015 Taxpayers Guide to Educational Spending. The purpose of the guide is to inform residents and parents how their tax dollars are being spent in their local district. The spending guide provides valuable content and data broken down by different categories. This type of knowledge can be […]

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Title One Grants

This article provides a general overview of Title One grants. Title One is a Federal Grant Program that provides Federal funding to State Educational Agencies in the US. The States distribute the funding to local school districts. The grants are targeted toward low-income families. The goal is to make sure low-income students have the necessary […]

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Management Discussion and Analysis

There is a report called the Management Discussion and Analysis (MD&A) and it can be found atthe beginning of your school district’s audit. The MD&A is a great document because it provides a clear and readable analysis of your school district’s finances. The document is usually prepared by your district’s Auditor with assistance from the […]

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School District Consolidation

The main reason to consider school district consolidation is because you can significantly reduce expenses. These cost savings occur mainly because of a large reduction in personnel and benefits costs. If you have six neighborhood schools that each have around 400 students, you can build one school that can serve 2500 students. Therefore, you can […]

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