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Three components of a blended learning program

Joseph Tramontana School Business Administrator Blended learning is a new educational concept that can have a positive impact on education. Blended learning takes place through traditional methods and in part through digital and online learning. Listed below are three essential components of a blended learning experience. Make a Shift To cultivate a blended learning environment, […]

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Three benefits of Laptops in the Classroom

Today virtually all public schools have Internet Access and the student ratio to computers is currently 4:1. What about the student’s ability access to laptops? Unfortunately, the data regarding laptops is much more inconclusive. Only Maine, Michigan, and New Mexico have state sponsored laptop programs. Students attending private schools have greater access to laptops, but […]

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Four Current Leadership Methods

Here are four current leadership methods being taught and implemented by some of the best schools in the United States. Many Chief Executive Officers are implementing them in their organizations. Develop hidden capacities Leaders seem to be finding unique ways to unlock employee’s hidden strengths, as an advanced way to get the best out of […]

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Changing the Middle School Model

Some school districts are looking at changing the middle school model. They are combining elementary and middle schools and going back to the K-8 Model. For the readers benefit, middle schools are generally 6th through 8th grade. Interesting enough, this is the same model used in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Some of the cities […]

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Five Essential Leadership Skills

Here are five essential leadership skills that are worth exploring in more detail. Daniel Goleman is an award winning psychologist that coined the term Emotional Intelligence. He is also the author of Primal Leadership. The important point is that he breaks down five critical components of leadership, which are vital to success. Self Awareness Leaders […]

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