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School Budget Woes for Pennsylvania Schools by Joseph Tramontana

Joseph Tramontana is the CFO for OnPoint Education Mr. Tramontana discusses budget woes in Pennsylvania There are new school budget woes for Pennsylvania Schools this year. As this website has told you, revenue shortfalls cannot keep up with expenses. The troublesome areas are obvious. The state wants to provide relief property tax relief and the […]

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Seven ways to motivate your workforce

A motivated workforce is a great asset that leads to better productivity and a great working environment. If your workforce is not motivated, you will never end up reaching your company‚Äôs objectives. Employee motivation is an ongoing challenge, especially in firms which fail to embrace employee satisfaction. Leaders get the best from their employees and […]

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Five Steps to Personal Excellence

Five Steps to Personal Excellence If you master these five steps you will obtain personal excellence, and achieve your goals and dreams. This applies to all areas of your life. Self- discipline is the hardest part, but achieving your goals is very rewarding. So develop the necessary mindset and follow these five steps: 1. Evaluating […]

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