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The Promise of Technology in Education

The Promise of Technology by Joseph J Tramontana Public Education is due for an overhaul just like other industries. America spends more on education than almost any other nation in the world. This is true either measured by gross national product or per pupil expenditures. Everyone agrees the academic results in the US are disappointing. […]

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A Case for Priority Driven Budgeting

Joseph Tramontana discusses the Priority Driven Budget Process This post discusses the value of a priority driven budget process. Most local governments use a budget known as incremental budgeting. This is where current year’s spending dictates the following years budget. In most cases the government’s budget process is based on previous year’s revenue. The incremental […]

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How to Increase Revenue in Schools

Joseph Tramontana is a widely published author is school finance Revenue is always a problem for school districts. There is just isn’t enough revenue to meet expenses. Most school districts rely on property taxes and state assistance. What they are finding is that property taxes are capped and state assistance is decreasing in many cases. […]

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Four types of School Choice for 2017

School choice enables parents to decide what is best for their children’s education. The parents determine the best method of delivery whether it is private, public, religious or home schooling. School choice gives parents their constitutional right to direct education according to their convictions and values. The right to send children to private schools have […]

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Eleven Ways to Cure Writer’s Block by Joseph Tramontana

Joseph J Tramontana discusses ways to cure writer’s block Joseph Tramontana is the CFO for OnPoint Education You can cure writer’s block. The dreaded blank screen. No matter want you do you just can’t focus. As much as you try to write your brain is thinking of where you want to be next. Despite your […]

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Effective Time Management

Listed below are some ideas for effective time management and how to manage important issues in your business and personal life. The first step is to bring a calendar and record all your thoughts, conversations and activities for a week. This will help you understand what you can get done during the course of a […]

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The Current State of Public Education

The post is analysis of Sir Ken Robinson’s video on Education, which you can link to above. Society is desperately trying to reform education, so students can compete in the 21st Century. The problem with the current model of education is that it’s based on old assumptions. This model, based upon the Industrial Revolution, claims […]

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School Budget Woes for Pennsylvania Schools by Joseph Tramontana

Joseph Tramontana is the CFO for OnPoint Education Mr. Tramontana discusses budget woes in Pennsylvania There are new school budget woes for Pennsylvania Schools this year. As this website has told you, revenue shortfalls cannot keep up with expenses. The troublesome areas are obvious. The state wants to provide relief property tax relief and the […]

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Seven ways to motivate your workforce

A motivated workforce is a great asset that leads to better productivity and a great working environment. If your workforce is not motivated, you will never end up reaching your company’s objectives. Employee motivation is an ongoing challenge, especially in firms which fail to embrace employee satisfaction. Leaders get the best from their employees and […]

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Five Steps to Personal Excellence

Five Steps to Personal Excellence If you master these five steps you will obtain personal excellence, and achieve your goals and dreams. This applies to all areas of your life. Self- discipline is the hardest part, but achieving your goals is very rewarding. So develop the necessary mindset and follow these five steps: 1. Evaluating […]

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