Cure Writer's Block

Joseph Tramontana discusses Eleven Ways to cure writer’s block

Joseph J Tramontana discusses ways to cure writer’s block

Joseph Tramontana is the CFO for OnPoint Education

You can cure writer’s block. The dreaded blank screen. No matter want you do you just can’t focus. As much as you try to write your brain is thinking of where you want to be next. Despite your best efforts, the writing is horrible. The deadline is looming, but you can’t find your groove. It is time to step back and enjoy yourself. Time to get weird. Let your crazy side out, so you can get creativity flowing again!

Here are some inspiring ways to get back in the saddle again.

1. Talk to an imaginary friend

Focusing too much on your loyal fans makes writing more complicated. Forget about them for a while and create an inspiring friend. Your friend is a real supporter. Start a dialogue and pretend they enjoy everything that you write.

Your friend is a fan. He (or she) supports everything you do. Always be kind to yourself.

2. Take a Vacation

Not a real vacation, but how about a meaningful break? Maybe there is someone you been trying to catch up with? How about that family member you’ve been putting off? Let’s visit them.

The key is to break the repetitive pattern. Instead of driving to see your friend, how about a nice bike ride? Weather bad? How about an Uber driver or a bus? Keep a pad handy and jot down some creative thoughts.

3. Stimulate yourself

Okay. Okay. It’s not what your thinking! So how about a nice jolt of Starbuck’s coffee? Hey, many studies now show coffee is healthy. Sometimes if fatigue is a factor you need something to keep you going. Don’t waste your creative thoughts because you can’t keep awake.
I like to write for fifteen minutes then take a break. Sometimes if I am in the middle of thought, I will continue a little longer. Then grab some strong coffee or green tea. This approach can be the added boost you need.

Starbucks or Tim Horton’s fuel my blog posts, what fuels yours?

Where do you get your best ideas in the shower?

4. Iron some clothes

Where do you get your best ideas? Your mind needs to relax before coming up with a breakthrough. Taking time to do a routine task will allow you to renew. Staring at your blank screen is not productive.
The more relaxed you are, the better chance you will have a revelation to help your writing. If you don’t feel like Ironing clothes, how about taking a hot shower. Above all, step away and try to relax.

5. Fool around on Twitter or Facebook

Social media is a huge was of time. In fact, you can waste most of the day on Facebook. We all know that. Sometimes if you’re stuck, this can be a tremendous inspiration for ideas. I would put a time limit on it. Give yourself twenty minutes to look at some facebook posts. What inspiration can Facebook content give you? Have fun as you interact with friends or even adversaries. Not everyone agrees with you right? Just look at the Presidential Election. Just be sure not to get lost, time passes by quickly.

6. Try Meditation

There are numerous physical and mental benefits to meditating. It is an excellent way to clear your head. However, for breaking writer’s block, a 15 minute session can do wonders. One age-old practice includes counting your exhales from 1 to 10. Did you get distracted? No problem just begin again at the number one.

7. Change your ways

If you always use Microsoft Word, try Word Perfect. Want a great free alternative? How about Google Docs. Docs is an excellent platform to edit and share your great work.

8. Browse your photo albums

Look at inspirational pictures. Reflecting on fun experiences is a wonderful way to develop a relationship with your readers. Browse photographs and find common threads about the subject. Can you share ideas related to family vacations or work experiences? What lessons have you learned? Are you willing to share them in some way?

9. Write at a different time

Developing routines are essential. Just ask Tony Robbins or Jerry Seinfeld about that. Sticking to a regular schedule trains good habits. It’s like when you were a kid. After doing your math homework at the same time for years, it’s hardwired in you. However, there is something to be said for breaking routines once in awhile. Try writing at night if your early riser. How does it help with creativity? Does changing your old ways give you new perspectives? Check it out. Break out of old routines.

10. Try Barnes and Noble

This suggestion allows you to break out of your pattern in a few ways. If possible, we can ride our bike to the bookstore. Then when we arrive, we order a strong cup of coffee. Next, we look for books related to our topics. This time, though we are leaving the laptop home. Now we handwrite our thoughts down in our composition book. See how many times we are breaking up old patterns?

11. Be a thief

No, not really. But your favorite blogger got his or her idea somewhere. Probably from another blogger or author. Reading well-written posts in your niche is a great way to generate new ideas. This does not mean we plagiarize or break copywriting laws. We are using them as a stepping stone to stimulate our thinking.

Writing isn’t easy. Especially good writing. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and making a fortune. However, I can’t think of a field or occupation where good written communication isn’t essential. Maybe your writing an important memo to your boss. It could be a thoughtful letter to your children. There are many ways to break writer’s block and get the job done.


Joseph Tramontana