Nine Essential Leadership Qualities



Leadership qualities are essential to a thriving organization. Technical and management skills are important, but transformative leadership is deeper and more effective. Here are nine excellent leadership qualities.

Maintain Self-Control

The ability to meet deadlines during stressful conditions is critical. Employee issues will always take you away from key tasks, but the ability to refocus and continue to meet targets is important.

Learn to become proactive

Anticipate what may happen ahead of time. Network yourself with the right individuals and anticipate problems, before they spiral out of control. Key contacts could include Union Presidents, Community Leaders, and other staff members. Leaders need to get out of their office and into the workforce.

Creativity and Innovation

Organizations are facing difficult times, especially in the public sector. Successful leaders think outside the box and look for creative solutions. There are endless opportunities to increase revenue and cut expenses.

Emotional Balance

Leaders control their emotions and keep a clear head at all times. Opposing sides will always try to get under your skin. Anger leads to ineffective decisions and regrets. Top level employees must maintain emotional control and balance.

Mental agility and Decision Making

Serious problems will crop up unexpectedly. Great leaders grasp concepts quickly, break down costs and benefits and make quality decisions quickly. Poor decisions lead to serious consequences.

Developing Good Habits

Personal habits and the habits of your employees will define your organization. Leaders must have good habits, because employees are looking to follow successful people. Practice what you preach. Do the right thing, get to work on time, be inclusive, have an open door policy, and recognize accomplishments.

Develop hidden talents

Find unique ways to unlock employee’s hidden strengths. What are your employees good at? Where do they need assistance? Focus on building long-term relationships, giving clear directives and providing valuable feedback. How can you expect excellent job performance, if your employees are not given clear feedback?

Give back to your Community

Great leaders are part of the community where they work. Become visible to community organizations, citizens, business leaders and government officials. Attend key events and be outgoing. Give back to the community you serve.

Implement Democracy

The decade of control leadership is over. Subordinates want to be recognized and have a voice in the organization. Employees want to participate in the process, so look for ways to involve them. This is an effective way of getting quality feedback from unexpected sources.

Leadership qualities are easy to find, but hard to practice. However, with the proper attitude and training, these qualities become second nature.

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