Employee Motivation

Employee Motivation

A motivated workforce is a great asset that leads to better productivity and a great working environment. If your workforce is not motivated, you will never end up reaching your company’s objectives. Employee motivation is an ongoing challenge, especially in firms which fail to embrace employee satisfaction. Leaders get the best from their employees and know how to recognize and reward them.

Here are 7 different ways that you can motivate your workforce:

1. Support new ideas

When an employee comes up to you with an idea don’t disregard it. Listen carefully to what the person has to say and encourage them to pursue it. Employees coming up with ideas mean that they care about the company and if their views are valued they will be motivated.

2. Create attainable goals

Setting goals is important and fundamental for organizations. It is important however that goals are set in a realistic way. Setting hard and unclear goals will only result in a demotivated workforce.

3. Professional Development

Employees are thirsty for personal and professional development opportunities. Allowing employees to have a voice, in their personal development, is good for the company and for business. Develop a culture of constant learning and improvement.

4. Promotion

There is nothing employees value more than being promoted. This makes employees feel that their contributions are meaningful and recognized. At all times look to promote excellent employees from within the organization, before looking outside.

5. Recognition:

Each individual has their own preferences and not all individuals will be motivated by money. Some people value recognition more than money. It is important to recognize high performing employees.

6. Company Perks:

Top organizations have been allowing employees to go the gym on company time, take naps and even provide full time day care at no cost. The reason why is It works. This allows workers, who meet their objectives, a way to handle stress in the workplace.

7. Financial Motivation:

Mostly, employees are motivated by their salary. If the financial rewards are congruent with job performance and contributions, this goes a long way in making an employee happy. However, even if you cannot reward employees monetarily, always recognized them for a job well done, even in a small way